Firearms Training FAQs

I do not own a firearm, which course should I take first?

The NRA home Firearm safety course does not require that you have a firearm. We provide the opportunity to handle and learn about different firearms (we bring them to the class)

This course has four separate lessons
A. Rules for Safe Gun Handling
B. Identifying and unloading different Firearms
C. Practical Exercise in Safe Gun Handling
D. Types of Ammunition; Cleaning and Storage of Firearms

The goal of this course is teach the basic knowledge, skills and attitude necessary for the safe handling and storage of guns in the home.
There are NO live fire exercises in this course
This course is approximately ½ day in lenght

I recently bought my first handgun, which course should I take?

The NRA First Steps Pistol Orientation is a good choice.

The goal of this course is to provide the beginning shooter with an introduction to the knowledge skills and attitude necessary to own and use a specific pistol model safely.

This course is conducted in a classroom and at the range (live fire exercises are part of the program)

The length of the course is approximately 3 hours.

The student need to bring their firearm (unloaded and in a case), owner's manual, cleaning equipment, Eye and Ear protection, ammunition (only for the live fire exercises at the range … No live ammunition is permitted in the classroom at any time.)

No knowledge test is administered.

A Certificate of Completion is provided and we understand that it is acceptable documentation for the CCW permit applications.

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